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1. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 0359435548

Date of Publication - Feb 21, 2019

Number of Pages 102

Publisher - Lulu.com

2. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 8483308789

Date of Publication - Feb 24, 2016

Number of Pages 88

Publisher - Viena

3. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 8483308789

Date of Publication - Feb 24, 2016

Number of Pages 88

Publisher - Viena

4. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 1671539133

Date of Publication - Dec 04, 2019

Number of Pages 500

Publisher - Independently published,Independently Published

5. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 849158224X

Date of Publication - Mar 21, 2019

Publisher - Anaya

6. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 1682660958

Date of Publication - Aug 29, 2019

Publisher - L.A. Theatre Works,LA Theatre Works

7. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 1717442501

Date of Publication - Apr 26, 2018

Number of Pages 100

Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing Platform,CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

8. Oslo

ISBN10 Number - 3869224606

Date of Publication - Mar 01, 2019

Number of Pages 176

Publisher - DOM Publishers

9. The oslo accords

ISBN10 Number - 0198298919

Date of Publication - October 16, 2000

Number of Pages 442

Publisher - Oxford University Press, USA,Oxford University Press

10. The oslo conspiracy

"The main character in Asle Skredderberget's crime novels is Milo Cavalli. Half Norwegian and half Italian, he is definitely not your typical depressed Nordic noir investigator. In fact he's quite the opposite. Milo is successful and attractive AND extremely rich. He goes to confession. He worries about his friends and family. And he taps into his family fortune whenever he needs to in order to crack the case he's working on. In The Oslo Conspiracy, a scientist is found dead in a hotel room in Rome. Before she is strangled, she manages to scribble a few words on a piece of paper. Milo Cavalli is sent to help out with the investigation in Italy, since he is familiar with Italian red tape. Milo finds the note from the scientist, and he also learns that earlier her kid brother had been executed by gang members in a schoolyard. Milo becomes obsessed with finding out if there is a link between the two killings -- the sister strangled in Italy and the brother shot in Norway. And he is willing to use his vast fortune and special connections -- especially when those connections involve beautiful women -- to find the answers. A new twist in thrillers, The Oslo Conspiracy is certain to captivate readers who like their heroes rich, handsome, caring, and very, very sexy."--

ISBN10 Number - 125004961X

Date of Publication - 2016

Number of Pages 353

11. Death in oslo

ISBN10 Number - 0751537160

Date of Publication - Apr 09, 2010

Publisher - Little brown

12. Oslo manual

ISBN10 Number - 9264013083

Date of Publication - November 2005

Number of Pages 162

Publisher - OECD

13. Oslo, maine

ISBN10 Number - 1771682310

Date of Publication - Mar 02, 2021

Number of Pages 224

Publisher - Central Avenue Publishing

14. Moon oslo

ISBN10 Number - 1640490590

Date of Publication - May 28, 2019

Number of Pages 160

Publisher - Moon Travel

15. Death in oslo

"When Helen Barclay becomes the first female US president, the whole world takes notice. And unfortunately for President Barclay, one man takes very particular notice. He knows her dark secret, buried for over twenty years. And not only does he have the power to destroy everything she's worked for, but he also has the ultimate motive. Revenge. Unfortunately for the FBI and the Norwegian police, nobody knows about this when Helen Barclay chooses to visit Norway for her first state visit. But when she goes missing from a locked, heavily secured bedroom, they are forced - unwillingly - to work together to find her. Has she been kidnapped? Murdered? Can the US president really just disappear into thin air...?"-- Publisher description.

ISBN10 Number - 1782390952

Date of Publication - 2016

Number of Pages 424

Publisher - Atlantic Books, Limited

16. Oslo serüveni

ISBN10 Number - 9752521142

Date of Publication - May 16, 2014

Number of Pages 165

Publisher - Byl Fener,Büyülü Fener

17. Oslo baris sureci

ISBN10 Number - 6055383330

Date of Publication - Oct 29, 2013

Number of Pages 340

Publisher - Küre Yayinlari

18. From oslo to iraq and the roadmap

ISBN10 Number - 0747576629

Date of Publication - August 15, 2005

Number of Pages 352

Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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