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1. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 0709927274

Date of Publication - 1981

Number of Pages 306

Publisher - Croome Helm

Places in the book - London

2. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 1514527057

Date of Publication - Jan 10, 2019

Number of Pages 300

Publisher - International Business Publications, Inc.,Int'l Business Publications, USA

3. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 1349226351

Date of Publication - Jan 01, 1996

Number of Pages 424

Publisher - Palgrave Macmillan

4. Libya

Date of Publication - 2011

Number of Pages 200

Publisher - Routledge

Places in the book - Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, [England],New York

5. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 162417714X

Date of Publication - May 03, 2013

Number of Pages 85

Publisher - Nova Science Pub Inc

6. Libya

Date of Publication - 2012

Number of Pages 316

Publisher - Éditions de Corlevour,CORLEVOUR

Places in the book - [Clichy]

7. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 0761417028

Date of Publication - 2003

Publisher - Benchmark Books

Places in the book - New York

8. Libya

ISBN10 Number - 9752676200

Date of Publication - Nov 03, 2012

Publisher - Berikan Yayinlari

9. Libya after qaddafi

In 2011, NATO and a number of Arab and other countries backed a rebel overthrow of longstanding Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. When Qaddafi was killed in October, the intervening powers abruptly wrapped up military operations. A small United Nations mission was given responsibility for coordinating post-conflict stabilization support. The essential tasks of establishing security, building political and administrative institutions, and restarting the economy were left almost entirely up to Libya's new leaders. The results of this very limited international approach have been lackluster at best. Libya has fallen behind on a number of critical post-conflict fronts, jihadist groups have made inroads, and there is still a possibility that this newly freed nation could once again collapse into civil war. Although Libya's fate is ultimately in the hands of Libyans themselves, international actors could have done more to help and could still take steps to avert further deterioration of Libya itself as well as the broader region. This report is based on research and interviews with officials in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, and Tripoli and draws on existing RAND work on post-conflict reconstruction. It explains the challenges that Libya faced after the war, assesses the steps taken to overcome them, draws implications for future post-conflict efforts, and sketches a way forward in Libya itself.

ISBN10 Number - 0833084895

Date of Publication - 2014

Number of Pages 87

Publisher - RAND

Places in the book - Santa Monica, CA

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